God Life

Making Your Own Research

As I begin to read this book, I was reminded of my teenage years and the clarity I had to find amiss the contradictions of religion, and not just the sharp contrast like Christianity, Islam or Buddhism, but also the in-house differences like Pentecostal, Methodist or Catholicism. WHICH IS THE TRUTH?! Whew! As a child, […]


What is … Freedom?

Before you read, here is a sort of disclaimer: This is simply my point of view and may not reflect the generalized way of thoughts. Therefore, no offense should be taken. What is this thing we call freedom? Liberty? Free will? Today, we are faced with Laws of nature vs freedom of man. Just some […]


Love To Those Who Don’t Deserve It

The “if you don’t treat me right, I wont treat you right” mindset is the root cause of ALL of the problems we encounter and observe around our environment and world. Also the assumption that a fellow human isn’t treating you right therefore, you will not treat them right. It makes sense to give to […]

Life Work

If You Rush, You Will Make Mistakes

So you are trying to get to work/class early, seeing that you woke up late. You rush into the bathroom, rush into your clothes, rush into your street (assuming you have no ride), and on your way to the bustop. Of course, in Nigeria, you will expect a lil bit of “bus competition” at the […]