God Life

What Do You Understand By Your Reality?

THIS IMAGE IS SO SCARY (at least to me )!!! I’ll let you why in a jiff. But by now, I guess you’ve looked at the image well enough and have seen a silhouette of a man and a woman having the best time of their lifes. That position is just awesome. Do you know […]

God Love

Why The Pain And Suffering We Experience If God is Good?

I answered a similar question on Quora. Here it is. It’s because we’re at war! Presently. Always. Till we leave earth. Let me tell you a story, long long ago, before time itself. There is dude-like guy. I call Him Yah. Yah is the powerful King of two powerful, beautiful kingdom. He divided this kingdom […]


Opinion on Nigeria (1)

I write about entertainments, distraction, Satan, New World Order, election It is common knowledge that Nigerians love entertainments and distractions. We just love our entertainment. Okay every country love their entertainments and distractions. The issue is, while other people, say, Americans are been spoon fed with these entertainments/distractions (with a wicked agenda behind incase you […]