How To Manifest Anything You Desire!Angelic Guides channeled by Taryn Crimi, Ph.D.

Angelic Guides: Today we would like to take this time to discuss the manifestation of abundance. Certainly abundance can come in many forms, but we will primarily be speaking about financial abundance, as this is a topic we are asked most often to elaborate upon. We often say that all of you are always manifesting abundance […]

Life Love

Practical Application Of Fractals

From one point of view, nature is relatively simple. From another point, it is extremely complex. We can say it is simple in its complexities or complex in its simplicity. Fractals are mathematical representations of nature’s creative process. A fractal usually change at that point of seeming nothingness. The almost invisible dot of emptiness usually […]

God Life

The Great Prophet and The Book Of Revelation For The Awakened

You might learn something on how to manifest the reality you desire The I AM is the great Prophet. It prophesies about the future. Actually what the I AM talks about only looks like a prophesy from the Ego’s point of view. What the Ego calls prophesy is the I AM’s current reality (and a […]