Awareness And Shadow Work

So let’s learn a bit of this thing we call shadow work. As you know by now that there is nothing to do, nothing to be and nowhere to go, for all that is, is this moment. Therefore there is nothing to do as regards dealing with your shadows.

There is only Awareness. Awareness can be defined as a phenomenon where All There Is knows it is All There Is. This knowing is happening in the only place it can ever happen, here-now. While this is happening, something else is happening too. For All There Is to know that it is All There Is, It must be aware of What Isn’t or All There Is Not. Understand that What Isn’t is part of What Is and when What Is know What Isn’t, It experiences Itself as Awareness. Awareness is measured by how much knowing there is about the All There Is Not.

… I am not that. I am not that. What am I? Not that …

There is only Awareness. Think of Awareness as you would think of light. Also think of Awareness as Yourself. Think of where that light can’t reach as shadows or darkness. Also think of where your Awareness can’t reach as your outer world (the world of form. Please note that thoughts and emotions are part of the outer world. There are no outer or inner worlds, but let’s just help ourselves with these concepts). You’ll realise that your Awareness can reach to some of your thoughts and emotions so we refer to them as inner worlds. Your Awareness can also reach to some parts of your body, like your hands and legs but Awareness isn’t reaching your heart or your kidney. There is a bit of Awareness in your breath. Whatever you notice you can control is within Awareness.

Everything you see outside, is Yourself pushed out ‐ Neville.

You can take that quote literally. You can either be aware of it or unconscious about it. All unconsciousness are shadows and darkness. We call the outside world a world of shadows because of how asleep we are to the truth of ourselves. Your thoughts and emotions hidden from Awareness are what manifest in the outside world as people, events, situations, animals and things. The shadows clearly are not bad or evil. They are just what is not. Yet what is not can act like what is and hence become a source of pain, suffering and confusion.

When Awareness is low, so to speak, i.e. Awareness is not adequately aware of what is not, the illusion looks like reality. Awareness or What Is, is unaware of What Is Not. What is not actually isn’t. It doesn’t exist at all. It is purely illusory in nature hence it cannot give or do anything. The illusion can only reflect What Is. So if what is, is the fact that What Is, is unaware of What Is Not, what happens? What will the illusion reflect? Wouldn’t that be more illusions? More shadows, deep darkness?

Shadow work isn’t work at all yet it is the work of Being more aware. We have already seen that What Is, is always this here-now moment. When you are aware of this here-now, you’ll see less shadows. More Awareness means more light. Light gives no room for shadows. Shadows are not What Isn’t. Shadows is the ignorance of What Isn’t which makes that the ignorance of What Is.

Let’s define shadows in a helpful way. Let’s look at a crazy example:

A person who is traumatized and possibly possessed by demons, is scared every night. According to this person, they come to him at night to choke him to death. They appear in his dreams and he sees shadows moving in his room. The demons whispers to him to hang himself, or hurt himself. So basically, he is been tormented almost all the time.

What happens when Awareness floods in, usually by some outside force? Such light appears and the victim is able to see What Is. Okay, so to understand, let’s look at it this way: If this person can all of a sudden realize that What Is, is life and What Isn’t, is death, or What Is, is Love and What Isn’t, is fear, he can have peace just as quickly as someone who comes to pray for him. Up until this point, he treats What Isn’t as What Is, he treats fear as What Is and since he, nor does anyone else, enjoy fear, he tries to run away from it. But by running away from it, he makes that fear seem real and more real. He makes What Isn’t look like What Is. He doesn’t want to die, nobody does, so he runs away from death, making death look very real. For some however, they make fear, rejection or guilt more real than death so these types commit suicide.

You see shadow work is to become aware of What Isn’t so that you don’t treat What Isn’t as What Is and hence it does not appear in your illusion. The more light or Awareness, the more your illusions reflect What Is.

The opposite of Awareness is judgement. While you find light on the side of Awareness, you find shadows on the side of judgement. Whatever you judge as good or bad has all the necessary ingredient for illusions. Don’t forget, the illusion are not the issue. To become more Aware, you cannot make judgment. Judgement causes Awareness to sleep and in Its sleep, it creates monsters. At first, these monsters are as tiny as ants or cockroaches, but as time goes on, they grow to become very diabolical and powerful. But no matter how powerful and threatening such shadows become, your non-judgmental approach will strip off all illusory power and this can happen in a minute or in the space of 5, 10 years, depending on how serious you are to drop completely all judgement of good and evil and be aware to What Is so you can see that everything is perfect just as it is and hence have no need to run from anything.

You are ofcourse very blessed.

By Emi'el

Emi'el is simply here to be of service to those who are ready to awaken from the dream of life. Emi'el is the name of that Being which cannot be named. It is my I AM. It is your I AM.

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