So in summary, what I try to do here is to mess with your minds … *blink*. Okay not necessarily. One of my purpose on this plane is to teach others how to live in true peace with themselves. In other for me to do that, I have to mess with your mind, teaching things that sounds radical, not because it’s false, rather it’s because goes against everything you’ve taken life to be.

All forms of negativity and evil (including lack of peace) has their root in the duality of life. This illusion of duality is what makes our world the way it is today.

So, I teach that there is actually no duality. The Ying Yang is one. So please, go through the site with open-mindedness and you would learn one or two things.

PS: The earlier the post, the clearer my vision is…and do forgive me for all forms of typograppicall, typographical errors.

You are already blessed.

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