You Are That

You Are (the real You is) the extraterrestrial being that the government tries to hide. They do this by keeping you to focus in this dream world. This causes you to think you are inside of it and not outside of it. You are the God religion tries to hide. They do this by keeping […]


Knowledge, Will And Power

In Africa where I come from, I was brought up with some stories of how Christians pastors defeated hebarlist, chase away evil spirits from people’s body, environment or society, how charms are not effective on people who truly believe in Jesus Christ. After I came to the knowledge of Truth, understanding that the power was […]

God Life

Heaven and Hell

Today, while present in the moment, I began to have the experience of seeing God or Infinity in everything. The lights, the wall, the chairs, the mirror, the space in between etc. Although, I have had quite a few experiences of seeing God (or the Primordial energies) in everything, it always is fresh, new and […]


You Know You Don’t Know

Then, when the days were young and my time on Earth just started, That which I looked to see was already been looked at. That which I searched to find was never lost. That which I studied to know was ever known. Yes, wisdom is sweet. She prepared a hot tub for me and treated […]

Life Love

Your Experiences Are Yours Only

When people have experiences, especially my African people, there is the general assumption that you have to share your experiences with others … you know, so they can learn from your mistakes and take a different route – usually the ones you have judged as best. This ideology comes from a well-meaning yet ignorant heart. […]