What Is Love?

What is love? Love is seeing very clearly. It is allowing what is to be as it is. It is been indifferent to what is because it is non-clinging. This indifference is interpreted in the mind has bliss. Love is full of choices. It has no need for security. It sees all things. It doesn’t […]


All That Is

God is All That Is. God is UNCONDITIONAL Love. Don’t create God in your image. Rather let your image reflect the Infinite One i.e. Infinite One being All That Is which is God. Is it? Yes it is. Then it is part of All That Is. Is it not? No it isn’t. How is that […]

Life Love

Everything Is Perfect

The purpose of all physical things is for you to interact with who you say you are. Emi’el You are perfectYour body is perfectYour mind is perfectYour soul is perfectYour reality is perfect Your imperfections are perfect At no point were you imperfectEven when you thought you were imperfectThat was also perfect Your dislikes are […]


Dimensions Of The Human Mind

When you think of the basic states of the human mind, you might be surprised to discover that there are things we were not taught, probably on purpose. Love Joy Hate Fear Boredom Sexuality All six is present in every human. The combination of these six creates other emotions. E.g love and hate creates envy, […]


Everyone Will Awaken From Their Sleep

Going through my normal routine on Sundays – waking up and then staying silent enough to feel the divine, then I go online to watch the live stream of a church. I do this because I just love the praise and worship session. Once the worship session is over, I log out and do other […]