Awareness And Shadow Work

So let’s learn a bit of this thing we call shadow work. As you know by now that there is nothing to do, nothing to be and nowhere to go, for all that is, is this moment. Therefore there is nothing to do as regards dealing with your shadows. There is only Awareness. Awareness can […]

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Law Of Attraction – The Woman Teaches

The physical matrix is a shadow of spiritual reality. Imagination is reality while the physical matrix is the fantasy. Sooner or later, we all leave the fantasy behind as we begin to remember who we really are. Right now, however, we want to attract different things into our lives. I’m going to hope that none […]

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The Shadow World

Your reality is the shadow. The image is in your mind. To change the reality, you must change the image. To change the shadow, you must change your mind. To change the reality, you must change your mind. YOU are an absolute Being and there is nothing else but YOU. Then you began imagining in […]